All about the buckwheat hulls in ComfyComfy pillows

ComfyComfy buckwheat hulls

What are buckwheat hulls? 

Buckwheat hulls are the outer shell of a buckwheat seed and are left over after buckwheat seeds are processed. In a pillow, they can be molded to fit your body’s unique shape. 

Buckwheat hulls are:

  • sustainable and biodegradable
  • non-toxic
  • vegan
  • supportive 
  • breathable

Our buckwheat pillows are filled with sustainably grown US buckwheat hulls

The buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows is grown in the western US by a cooperative of farmers. They are grown without the use of chemicals, not even organically certified ones. The buckwheat we use is not certified as organically grown because organic certification is an onerous and expensive process for the producers.

Buckwheat is a fast growing plant that can mature just ten weeks after being planted. Broad, heart-shaped leaves quickly unfold providing a closed canopy. Without light, any weed seeds in the soil below cannot sprout. Since buckwheat plant growth naturally keeps the weeds at bay, buckwheat crops do not need to be sprayed with herbicide. 

Buckwheat is good for the ecosystem

Below ground, buckwheat improves soil quality by making essential nutrients available for the next crop and introduces organic matter into the soil. Above ground, prolific flowers provide pollen for beneficial insects. Honey produced by bees working in buckwheat fields is dark, with a distinctive flavor that's revered by bee keepers.

Comfysleep buckwheat hull pillow with extra buckwheat hulls for supportive sleeping

Our pillows come with extra buckwheat hulls to customize your pillow

Many of our pillows come with extra hulls so you can customize your pillow. Add more hulls for a firmer pillow. Remove hulls for a looser pillow. 

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Happy healthy sleeping!