How long can a buckwheat hull pillow last?

ComfyComfy ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillows

A buckwheat hull pillow can last a long time.

Some of our personal pillows here at ComfyComfy have lasted almost ten years. We receive emails from customers with similar tales of buckwheat pillows they have slept on, and loved for many years. One customer had her buckwheat pillows for 20 years! How amazing is that? 

How do buckwheat pillows last so long?

Your pillow is one of your post used possessions. Think about it - you use your pillow every day, hopefully for 7 or more hours each day! That’s a lot of time and potential wear and tear. Having your buckwheat pillow last a long time depends on two things:

  • The materials it is made from (this is our job)
  • Taking care of your pillow (that’s your job)

 ComfyComfy ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillows

High quality materials will help your buckwheat pillow last longer

The main parts of a buckwheat pillow are the buckwheat hulls and the fabric that contains them. The fabric that a buckwheat pillow is made from should be thick and durable so buckwheat hulls don't poke through, but soft and flexible for comfortable bedtime use. The fabric we use to make our pillows is custom woven twill, made from organic cotton that is grown and milled in the USA.

Pillow grade Buckwheat hulls are pyramidal in shape. (buckwheat hulls for mulch are lower quality and are flattened.) The buckwheat hulls in our pillows are grown in the USA, and are air cleaned without chemicals.

Taking care of your buckwheat pillow is easy.

A few general practices will help keep your buckwheat pillow in perfect shape, so it will last for years of comfortable sleeping. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it clean! Use a pillowcase and wash it regularly with your bed linens
  • Keep it dry! moisture can degrade buckwheat hulls
  • Replenish the hulls if your pillow starts to feel less full. We sell buckwheat hulls in 2 and 10 pound increments. 

You can also clean the cotton twill case of your buckwheat pillow. See full directions for how to do this here.

How long has your pillow lasted? What tips do you have for keeping your pillows fresh and clean? We would love to hear from you!

How long can a ComfyComfy buckwheat hull pillow last?