Why we use organic cotton grown in the USA

Our buckwheat pillows are made from organic, US-grown cotton 

The organic cotton fabric our ComfySleep and ComfyNeck buckwheat pillows are made from is grown in Texas and certified 100% organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The yarns were spun in North Carolina and the fabric was woven in South Carolina by a US workforce.

We believe that the materials you put near your face while sleeping should be the highest quality, safe for you and have a low impact on our environment.

ComfyComfy ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillows

How is cotton grown?

To grow cotton you need a long frost-free period, moderate rainfall (not too much, not too little) and lots of sunshine. These qualities are all found in the South Plains region of Texas, where the organic cotton we get from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative comes from.

ComfyComfy ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillows

Organic cotton must past these qualifiers:

  1. Plants have not been genetically modified
  2. Plants are grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals
  3. All practices must comply with the National Organic Program standards

Cotton fibers, which are almost pure cellulose, go through a lot between growing in the field and being sewn into our buckwheat pillows. Planting begins as early as February. The shrubs must grow, flower and bare fruit. Cotton seed pods, called bolls, contain hundreds of thousands of fibers that pop out like popcorn when the boll is mature. They are harvested, cleaned of debris and then wound into thread. The thread is woven into fabric, like twill we use to make our buckwheat pillows.

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